Aeropress + Grinder + Flow Control cap + Steel Filter Disc Bundle

  • Aeropress + Grinder + Flow Control cap + Steel Filter Disc Bundle

We've taken the crown favourite, Aeropress and paired it with some essentials, one click of a button and you will be reaping the benefits of one of the most versatile brewers on the market. Simplicity of traditional immersion method, the French Press and combining it with the cup quality of filter coffee in one easy to use and portable package.

The paper micro filter removes the grit that the old faithful French Press can’t and produces a cup in under two minutes. Enjoy more coffee oils in your brew or want to reduce waste, pair it with a steel disc filter.

Don't forget, fresh is best when it comes to coffee and you can rely on a the Porlex to deliver time after time.

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  • Made in USA from BPA free plastic
  • Pack includes 100 filters

Porlex Hand Grinder:

  • Conical ceramic burrs provide a long life and clean grind.
  • Simple adjustment making it easy to switch between brewing methods
  • Ample capacity – up to 42 grams of beans can be dosed and ground at once
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made from food grade stainless steel

Aeropress Steel Filter Disc:

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Reusble
  • Helps to retain coffee oils in cup

Flow Control Cap:

  • Pressure activeted valve eliminated drip through
  • More control over brew time
  • Works with paper or steel filters
  • Made in USA

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