December 2018

December 2018

December 2018: Our second release.

For our second release, Society Coffee took us to the mother land of coffee, Ethiopia. 

Mirroring their passion for coffee and the story behind it, we shared their story with great pride along side the stories of;

The Communuity:

Anasora farm works closely with the local
secondary school Yerba Bukleye to educate
farmers’ children and hopes to extend this
support network to offer higher education.
As well as this, Anasora maintains strong
ties to an orphanage in the neighbouring village.

With this focus and commitment to the local
community, Anasora hopes to use their ability to
produce specialty coffee to give back to the
people that make their business possible.

The Plantation:

Located in the Oromia region, in the South east of
Ethiopia is Anasora.

Anasora was established in 2010 and has become a
substantial operation with 150ha of organic coffee
production and a further 100ha under development
with the goal of reaching 250ha of organic coffee
production in 2018.

Comprising of a collection of small lot holders,
the Oromia people work the plantation together with
Anasora to develop sustainable production and
economic outcomes.

The roaster: 

Auckland based Society coffee are a micro-specialty coffee
roaster who work with people who share their same values.

A group of people, brought together by their passion for coffee.
From growing to harvesting, roasting to brewing, designing
and serving. From out first conversation it was clear,
they know their coffee, from seed to cup.
Each of Societys’ info cards feature hand painted images
that often carry a conservational message regarding that
part of the world.

Sharing the belief that coffee is an art form, they aim to
reconnect with the ritual of coffee, so it seems only fitting
that we are featuring an offering from Ethiopian, a country
who’s coffee rituals and traditions date back hundreds of years.

We couldn’t be more chuffed about working with Society coffee,
For both the coffee they produce and the values they embody.

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