What grind do I need

While whole bean stays fresh longer and is more versatile, sometimes you just need it ground. We can help.

So, What grind do you need?

Espresso: Suitable for your home Espresso / Cappuccino machine and Stove top / Moka pot / Percolator

Filter: Suitable for all manner of drip coffee makers that typically use a paper (or cloth) filter, including Mochamaster, Chemex, Aeropress, V60 etc

Plunger: The Old faithful French press, found in kitchens across the country.

Have a combination of these methods and want to get the best out of them all?

Whole bean is definitely the best option.

Want to get the best out of your coffee subscription? Check out our YouTube channel for how to brew guides.

We regularly use and recommend the Rhino coffee gear hand grinder.

Still confused? Contact us or email us a photo of your brewer to info@thesnobbycollective.co.nz and we can help.

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