April 2020

April 2020

April 2020: Feature number 17.

Despite months of planning April has possibly been the most complicated collaboration to release yet. All caused by the global pandemic of Covid - 19.

With all the social distancing, working from home and hand washing, we would like to take a moment to think of those less fortunate. Those not blessed with an abundance of fresh water, the convenience of hand sanitiser, the comfort of fresh coffee (and food) delivered to the safety of their bubble. Many coffee producers are approaching harvest, unable to work from home, they are working to the same "social distancing" protocols we are to keep themselves and communities safe. That most definitely deserves a fair price paid. We are proud of our partners and the endeavours they take to ensure producers are not only paid fair reward, but are provided with opportunities that enrich their future. Sustainability.

Our April collaboration to go a bit further in depth with a producer we had previously featured, this time showcasing another processing method that he employs when processing coffee at his farm. 

We first introduced Diofanor Ruiz with our June 2019 feature. Collaboration number 8; with Merito Coffee Roasters who took us back to Colombia.

Its not surprising to be featuring another Colombian coffee, being that Colombia is the 3rd largest producer of coffee globally; Behind Vietnam (who produce mainly Robusta) and Brazil.

Coffee leaf rust being a big issue in Colombia, its also not a stretch that we featured another Castillo (more about Castillo here), however previously we were treated to a relatively new processing technique called Black Honey.

Read the full Merito collaboration here. Part 1 of the Diofanor Ruiz story.

Part 2: The Prima Roastery story is below in PDF format. Enjoy.

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