May 2020

May 2020

May 2020: Feature number 19.

As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

After a long and paitent wait, during May we got to cover the partnership that inspired us from the beginning. Muraho Trading Company and Raw Material, With a bit of help from Viking Coffee Roasters.

During May we explored:

The Washing Station:

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The Producer:

Founded by two brothers who were raised to call Rwanda home. Born from the desire to showcase Rwandan specialty coffee to the world, Muraho Trading company was established in the Nyamashehe district with the construction of the Kilimbi washing station in March 2016. But MTC is much more than just specialty coffee, they are about the people, family and the country that has given them so much. In just over four short years, the Muraho family has grown to operate 6 washing stations located in three districts of Rwanda. In the Nyamashehe district are Rugali, Kilimbi and Gisheke. Located in Nyabihu district, operates Vunga and the famed station in the sky, Shyira. The baby of the family, Shyira boasts the accolade of being the highest known station in Rwanda located at 1850 M.A.S.L . Bumbogo, located in the highly regarded region of Gakene region is owned by close partners Neza trading co and do they know how to party, the atmosphere is electric. (check it out on the MTC instagram, there really ain’t no party like a Bumbogo party. The combined MTC family of over 4500 farmers, with their 21 full-time staff produce 1960-2330 metric tonnes of coffee each year.


Words by Richard Corney – Director – Raw Material

Raw Material and Muraho Trading Company began working together in 2016. Founded by Karthick and Gaudam Anbalagan, MTCo is the leading producer of specialty coffee in Rwanda. Raw Material provides market access for the majority of MTCo’s production all over the world. Working with Raw Material, MTCo was the first to produce and export, with special permission from the Rwandan National Agricultural Export Board, honey and natural processed coffee. Previously the production of these coffees was outlawed but with guaranteed value add production processes, MTCo led the way for introducing these new and unique flavor profiles from Rwanda to the world. Information and knowledge sharing has been a key foundation of the relationship. Miguel from Raw Material Colombia has traveled to Rwanda, likewise, Gaudam has traveled to Colombia to share ideas and collaborate. As well as working on innovative and new processing techniques, there are other groundbreaking collaborations underway. MTCo share the same altruistic values as Raw Material. Consistently paying producers on average 30% above the market rate for their cherry, they also invest in their casual labour teams and into the communities where their stations are located.

Click here for more about Muraho Trading Co and Raw Material from our Mother’s day collaboration


Country: Rwanda

Region: Nyamashehe

Variety: Red Bourbon

M.A.S.L 1550-1800

Process: Honey

Flavours: Blackberry Golden Syrup Earl Grey



Dose: 18g

Time: 23-25 Seconds

Yield: 50-55g

Pour Over:

Suggested method: Kalita Wave / Gino Dripper

Dose: 20g Water: 320g / 98 degrees Celsius

1:Pour 80g water and stir bloom vigorously with back of a teaspoon or chop stocks to break up lumps as Quickly as possible.

2. Pour 80g pulses with 15-25 second pauses until total the full 320g is poured

3. Brew should take between 3 - 3.30 minutes

Additional photos thanks to Raw Material.

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