August 2020

August 2020

Feature #22

Its always been our aim to provide a wide variety of coffee insights, from a variety of roasters and origins. In an unusual move, we featured a dark filter roast. Celcius coffee presented us with the opprotunity to share a coffee from Peru, it wasn't to be passed up. Not only did it present an opportunity to feature a new origin, and shine a light on another Co-Operative, it also presented an opportunity to develop the way we brew coffee. Adapting methods to suit the way darker coffees extract. 

During August we shared tales of;

The Country:

Located between Amazonian jungle, the Andes mountain range and one of South Americas largest lakes, is Peru.

Boasting ten growing regions, with cup profiles as diverse as the landscapes themselves,Peru is the 11th largest coffee producer in the world.

The coffee producing community is made up of some 223,000 families, the majority of whom are
independent and not affiliated to any cooperative, simply tending to their (average) 3 hectare lots the best way they know how.

The coffee producing community is faced with many challenges, such as lack of roads and sheer distance from producing zones to towns taking many hours. Challenges such as leaf rust have in the past lead producers to favour Catimor (Variety), but there is a slow return to varieties that result in higher cup scores such as Typica, Caturra, Bourbon and Pache.

The high cost of replacing old trees, with new trees is a balancing act for producers, faced with low international coffee prices. Despite such challenges, Peru is still a leader in the export of organic coffee, with 90,000 hectares certified and many more non certified but following organic practices due to the inability to access herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

The Co - Operative:

Founded in 1999 with 220 small scale members, based in 15 community organisations, CENFROCAFE has grown to serve over 2000 members spanning twelve districts within the lush Cajamarca region in just 15 years.

CENFROCAFE offer a wide range of training opportunities to members. From leadership training to young people in their rural communities, to offering technical assistance and workshops focused on quality control.
Short term credit is made available to farmers by the financial team at CENFROCAFE to assist with the up front costs of harvest and materials. Through creative alliance, CENFROCAFE has become a leader in providing technical and marketing assistance in the greater Cajamarca region, Northern Peru.
Thanks to this strong alliance, small scale farmers no longer have to develop his or her own best practice on farm, in the pursuit of higher yields or marketing and sale of their coffee.
The results speak for themselves, with CENFROCAFE coffees regularly featuring as finalists in national and international competitions.
Improved revenue has resulted in access to basic health, education and other social services being available to farmers.

Partnerships: Currently only available to Subscribers

Tasting Notes:

Country: Peru
Region: Cajamarca
Founded: 1999
Members: 2200
Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Catimor
Post-Harvest Processing: Farm and station washed
Elevation: 1300 to 2000 metres
Harvest: April/May


Clever Dripper (Produces buttery mouth feel)

20g Ground coffee
300g water (80 degrees)


Thoroughly rinse your filter
Pour 50g bloom
Give a stir or swirl to ensure even saturation
At 30 seconds adding the remaining water.
Quick stir to ensure no lumps, place lid on brewer.
At 1;15 place dripper over decanter
Aim for a contact time of 3.45-4.30 minutes

Kalita Wave: (Highlights Body)

18g Ground coffee
300 water 80 degrees

Pour 50g of water to bloom and give the bed a good stir
At 30 seconds slowly pour the remaining water before giving
Another gentle stir or twist and tap.

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