December 6

December 6

When it comes to exotic micro lots, Malatto Coffee are all about it. A relative new comer to the scene we are elated at hearing their vision and can’t wait to share some the stories of some of the producers they’re working to showcase in the future.

Since Malatton reached out to us a few months back, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a number of their offerings, which have left us nothing short of wowed.

September 2021 was our first collaboration featuring Panama (Panama Geisha / Gesha), today we make our way back to panama today for a Natural Caturra from Finca Santamaria Estate.


(Words by Malatto Coffee) The Santamaría Estate Coffee farm is located in Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas District, Province of Chiriquí, Republic of Panama. The lowest point of the farm planted with coffee is 1564 m.a.s.l. while the highest point reaches up to 1946 m.a.s.l. The total farm area is 120 ha of which currently 60 ha are planted with coffee of varieties Caturra, Typica or Criollo and Geisha. The soils have special volcanic characteristics and together with certain amount of rainfall per year and varieties of high quality Arabica coffee produce coffee beans that have very special aroma, acidity and body.

Tasting Notes:

Flavours of tropical fruit, lemon, raw nuts, caramel sweetness with balance acidity, medium body and caramel finish.


Region: Tierras Altas

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1900 MASL

Producer: La Finca Cafetalera Santamaria State

Roast: Light Medium

Grab yourself a bag here.

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