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When it comes to the pulse of the coffee industry, we've come to find Society Coffee have their finger on it. A reputation for walking the talk and leading fron the front in an inclusive manner its a pleasure to again welcome the team to one of our projects. As we read the bio about their coffee offering, the above assessment of why we love Society Coffee become clear once again for this is not the first time we've partnered with Society coffee to bring you coffee from Brazil.

Words by Society Coffee.

Natural Brazils are the most popular coffees in the world. Not directly due to its tasting notes, but mainly because most people are used to its nutty and "tyopical coffee" taste. Chapada Minas is the new frontier in coffee plantations in Minas Gerais. Well kmnown for its caramel, dense body characteristic in a cup. 

At Society Coffee, we see coffee as fruit and in general promote cleaner and brighter beans, but with this Red Diamond carefully produced by Ricardo Hirofumi, his family farm started in 1975. As the second-gen of the Hirofumi family, Ricardo has continued with production and producing one of the few high-quality coffees in the region, adding value to the production of his coffees.

Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuai

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1100 - 1200 masl

Region: Minas Gerias

Country: Brazil

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