Shade 15

Shade 15

When it comes to passion for special offerings, there is no more sure bet than the relatively new comer, Malatto Coffee.

We had the joy of working with Lucas and the Malatto Coffee team initially in the lead up to our September 2021 feature, followed closely by their appearance on day 6 of our advent calendar.

During this time we have had the pleasure of sampling a large number of the offerings Malatto have had, safe to say, take our money!

Today we have a stunner once again:

Words by Malatto Coffee.

Finca El Paraiso is a family business. Diego Samuel Bermúdez Tapia and his family have created a range of high-quality coffees with unmatched consistency.

The producer Diego Samuel Bermudez was born in Bolivar, Cauca and holds a title in Agricultural Business Administration. 12 years ago, coffee began as an adventure and became his way of life. He was one of the first farmers in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts to the beans. By now he has developed various recipes with a high degree of repeatability based on a rigorous approach to processing in an almost industrial style, where maintaining a clean and controlled environment is the key. Diego has even created his own ecological dryers that run on condensation principles.

El Paraiso produces Natural coffee, and Washed coffees with three styles of controlled, anaerobic (sealed) fermentations. Since 2015, La Finca El Paraíso has started to distinguish and position itself as a specialty coffee producer and a family business dedicated to the cultivation, processing, production, and marketing of high-quality coffee through participation in various regional and national competitions.

Region: Piendamo, Cauca
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Double Anaerobic
Altitude: 2050 MASL
Producer: Finca El Paraiso
Roast: Light Medium 

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