December 1

December 1

Last years Coffee Advent Calendar set the bar pretty high. Introducing some new origins, processes and a swag of outstanding coffees from all your favourite roasters, and some that have likely graced your mug again this year. 

That left us with the question, where do we start this year? In the east, where the sun rises seemed like a solid option. We called on the Emperor himself, Ethan of Empire Coffee Roasters, who has yet again come through with something new to launch with us. Back in March it was a Peru, that went on to be featured in 15 Shades of South America.

This time, we're headed south of the border, The Kenyan broder that is. Welcome to Tanzania.

These words from John Burton Limited:

Mbeya and Mbinga are Tanzanian south regions known as the Southern Highlands
due to their altitude. These regions are noted for having fertile deep red volcanic
soils, plenty of rainfall and an extended dry season. These producers are mostly
subsistence farmers who rely on coffee production as their main income.

COUNTRY: Tanzania
REGION: Mbeya and Mbinga
ALTITUDE: 1300-1700m ASL

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Kent, Blue Mountain and Typica

PROCESS: Fully washed

If you've enjoyed todays offering, do yourself a favour, check out whatelse Empire Coffee Roasters have on offer here.

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