December 12

December 12

Over the years we have had the pleasure of featuring many and varied coffees from Society Coffee. One this that has always remained the same is the passion and enthusiasm the David and the team bring to each new offering. An passion that reinforces that when they say "from seed to cup, we're in this together", they mean it. 

We first made contact with David very early on in our coffee journey and its fair to say that David’s coffee credentials could have been a bit intimidating to us, being so green in the industry. Our first conversation revealed that we had nothing to fear, humble and a wealth of knowledge and genuine passion for the coffee industry, David simply blew us away and made our collaboration a breeze. Since that December 2018 collaboration David has regularly reached out to us with interesting coffees to share, resulting in collaborations in September 2019 and October 2020.

We are again humbled to work with Society coffee to present a coffee from Ecuador.

Words by Society Coffee:

FInca Cruz Loma is owned and operated by siblings - Galo and Grace Morales.

Located in Pichincha, San José de Minas, Pichincha, 1.5hours northwest of Quito. Finca Cruz Loma, which means ' crossing of the hill', was passed down to Galo and Grace Morales by their grandfather. The farm spans across 1200 hectares. Most of the land consists of native vegetation, including jungle and is home to various wildlife - like the elusive Spectacled bear.
The main harvest is between July and September and provides them with 70% of their annual production. Fly crop (Mitaca) happens between December and February and yields 30% of annual production.

Their main crops are corn, coca, beans, and sugarcane. Coffee was only introduced 7 years ago. Crops are intertwined on the farm, offering shade to protect coffee trees. At this stage, only 6 hectares are currently used for coffee production. Galo intends to expand his coffee plantation to 40 hectares for coffee to grow traditional varietals to see to the local Ecuadorian market.

The size of their farm is so immense, that many parts of the land are not accessible. Many roads and paths only connect to the required amenities and buildings. There is also a large waterfall at the top of the property which overlooks the jungle area of the farm.
Galo originally started planting coffee after serving time working as a Barista and then for a green exporting business. He was disappointed by the average quality within the local Ecuadorian market and wanted to improve and experiment with processing
methods. Originally this started out as a hobby on the side with his wife and sister. Today Galo is known for his unusual and funky naturals and interesting honey profiles. His sister, Grace prefers to produce only washed coffees of a more traditional cup profile.
Galo and Grace re-invest profits each year to improve their QC lab in the city of Quito and in coffee agronomy tools for their farm. They are currently using the mill on their neighbour’s farm but are adding a small mill to ensure complete control over their microlot production. Grace, a qualified agronomist, will oversee this process. This small mill will have capabilities of between 3-500kg/hr
They are immensely proud of the fantastic ecosystem their farm contains and are committed to running a sustainable and eco- friendly operation.

Producer: Galo and Grace Morales

Region: San José de Minas, Pichincha, Ecuador

Altitude: 1450 masl

Harvest: Main harvest July - Sept. Fly crop (mitaca) Dec - Feb

Varieties: Typica

Processed: Honey

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