December 14

December 14

When touring the world of coffee, we simply must stop in H-Town, for no comprehensive tour would be complete without an appearance by the Rocket Coffee crew.

Bio taken from our August 2022 collaboration.

The year was 1995, H-Town.

With the lease of a shop, a 5kg roaster and a pair of 2 group La Cimbali, Rocket coffee had lift-off.

A journey that began when coffee was a flavour, Rocket evolved with a certain old-skool charm reflected in their retro styling that even the hipsters can’t match.Rocket's subtle tip of the hat to the past has endured with each rendition of their logo. The current rendition adorning their retail bags and takeaways cups is a hand-carved “R” from France rescued from the depths of old cabinets, inherited with their Barton St roastery.

When the smell of fresh coffee isn’t enough to direct the caffeine-deprived in the right direction, getting your mate to paint a Manicule or “pointy finger” that once adorned billboards on the neighbour's wall gets the job done in a characteristic Rocket fashion. Clearly, attention to detail doesn’t end with the beans in the bag, the uniquely Rocket-ness continues on the label too, the origins are colour coded to match the region in accordance with (in their words) the “slightly out of date” maps that adorn the roastery walls. As the boys note, the colours don’t appear to mean much as they’re different on most maps, but it's yet another subtlety that has a deeper back story.With nothing leftto chance.

If that intro hasn't gotten you excited, what comes next ought to do the trick. Our first time ever with a coffee from Flores, Indonesia.

Words by Opal Coffee:

Andre Hamboer’s team keeps on exploring the coffee journey, process of changing the paradigm and judgement in the field of coffee. They are partnering with local farmers in Manggarai Region, Flores Island,
Indonesia and providing them the processing infrastructure for the farmers to reduce cost. They also want to change the perspective of farmers that coffee is complex product that does not taste bitter at all,
because it’s a fruit.

If you've enjoyed this, see what else Rocket Coffee have to offer here.

Country: Flores, Indonesia

Variety: Kartika II

Altitude: 1300 M.A.S.L

Process: Anaerobic Natural

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