December 19

December 19

Today we've Society Coffee back, this time with a coffee from Cental America.

This coffee, the second offering from Mexico in this years Advent Calendar. This time, its a natural processed coffee. 

Words by Society Coffee:

Finca Muxbal's history begins in the late 1700s, when it started as a coffee farm. There is very little know about the early years,
but there have been documents found from when the Chiapas still belonged to Guatemala. Muxbal's story begins with Enrique Rodriguez. In 1959, Don Enrique had been working with coffee from an early age, and co-owned a plantation with his father-in- law, Juan Luethje, while looking for a new plantation and visiting different ones, the Ochoa brothers passed by and offered to show him Muxbal. There was no road leading to Finca Muxbal, they had to walk up a steep mountain on foot. There sat a simple farmhouse, where hens and pigs wondered in and out as they pleased. The wet and dry mill needed to be completely revamped, and a coffee plantation sat untamed and rugged.
Don Enrique purchased the farm and little by little, he rebuilt the wet and dry mills and made it functional. He also replanted the plantation. Construction of the road was undertaken in 1965 and it took a decade for it to be completed. Dynamite had to be used to move rocks out of the way and with the help of roadmen.
Today it is owned by the Don Enrique’s daughter Maeggi Rodriguez and is managed by her sons Jorge and Juan Pablo Gallardo.
The Estate has an extension of 236 hectares bordering Guatemalan territory, about half of it is planted with coffee. The other half is an ecological reserve of primary rainforest, protecting rivers, springs, flora, and fauna. The rich volcanic soil, good environmental practices, shade tree grown coffee, creates a microclimate that provides an extraordinary coffee cup and excellent production.
RFA certified since 2006 Finca Muxbal have been changing and improving every year, reducing the use of agronomy chemicals.
Implementing through the years good practices working in harmony with nature. Among their facilities they have a kitchen, tortilladora, dining room and housing for all employees of the farm, a school for the children of harvesters during the high season.

This microlot is naturally processed, with taste notes of strawberry, dried fig, and dark chocolate. Buttery in texture and well balanced.

Producer: Finca Muxbal – Maeggi Rodriguez and sons – Jorge and Juan Pablo Gallardo.

Region: Unión Juárez – Chiapas – México
Altitude: 1500 masl
Harvest: November – March
Varieties: Caturra – Mondo Novo – Catuai
Processed: Natural

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