Time to reflect

Time to reflect

Time to reflect.

It’s been a busy few months since the launch back in October, followed closely by our first release in November with Ozone Coffee roasters.

Since the idea of The Snobby Collective was first floated back in July, Its been a great deal of hard work and challenges; possibly a lot more than I quite anticipated when the concept was floated.

I have been humbled by the support of roasters and subscribers alike. Having had the pleasure of working with people who genuinely love coffee and think that we can make a difference to our fellow man through knowledge and understanding.

What started with a concept of indulging my inner coffee geek and taking you all along for the ride has evolved in to a passion project.

Meeting and introducing new roasters who share with the ultimate goal of helping others understand the lives and challenges faced by the coffee growing communities has been an exciting experience; Being able to share the back story of the coffee featured as easily digestible bites of knowledge has only fueled the desire to learn and do more in the future.

The concept was, these knowledge bombs would become pieces of a puzzle that has no edges, no boundaries.

As months go on, they would begin painting a clearer understanding of everything from challenges shared by growers across continents, to understanding how processing techniques influence flavour and why some techniques are more widely used by some regions and not others.

It is with great excitement that our March coffee is going to have a direct connection within its story board to one of our previous stories. This has our geek flag flying high.

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While we don’t do spoilers, adding little mystique and intrigue is not beyond us.

During March, we will be digging deep into a team who has been a huge inspiration to The Snobby Collective since forever; were just a little excited to share the fruits (literally) or their efforts.

How do you brew? While I have personally tested this coffee on a variety of methods, our roaster recommends Aeropress, have you got enough filters or want an Aeropress? Grab some now and we will ship them for free with your subscription with code “subship”

Posted: Friday 1 March 2019

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