Shade 5

Shade 5

Shade 5.

Big decisions. When presented with two different South American offerings, from two different countries it would be very easy to jump to the one that has less representation. That at first glance would show diversity. But would it be at the expense of diversity of cup profile and at the loss of a standout micro lot? 

Times like these its good to have good friends who are working towards the same goal as you. Ozone Coffee Roasters were so impressed with this micro lot from Caravella (The same guys who brought us the NZ Aeropress Championship coffee) that they not only recommended this one for its cup quality, but also offered to hold some bck, specially for us so that we would have it for you today. 

This is what Ozone Coffee Roasters have to say:

The majority of coffees we source are the result of long-standing relationships with producers we’ve worked with for years. Occasionally we’ll taste a sample that’s hard to ignore, and Carlos Penna is one of those coffees. Carlos is always looking to making improvements to his production, and we’re excited to share the result of his hard work.

The knowledge of how to process coffee came from Carlos’ mother. Like a lot of coffee producers, his farm is an all-family endeavour with his wife overseeing the wet mill and their sons taking care of the drying process. It's been three years since they’ve made the commitment to producing specialty coffee and the results are already beginning to show, their incomes have grown and overall quality of life is improving.

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