Shade 6

Shade 6

This is what we might descrive as the unicorn of South American coffee and one of the challenges of putting together such a project, it is with great appreciation of the H-Town crew of Rocket Coffee that we have an offering from Ecuador.

Words by Rocket Coffee.

This typica lot was grown on Verena Stagg's small farm, which sits below the Pichincha volcano in Northern Ecuador.

The elevation is fairly low, but the nights are cool & mists cover the coffee fields in the afternoon allowing the cherries to ripen slowly, resulting in sweetness & complex flavours. This coffee was hand-picked, de-pulped, wet fermented, washed then dried on raised beds.

  • Origin: Ecuador
  • Region: San José de Minas, Pichincha
  • Altitude: 1450 meters
  • Crop: 2020-21
  • Cultivars: Typica
  • Processing: Washed & sun-dried

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