Shade 12

Shade 12

The twelfth shade.

Narrowly missing a spot on our advent caledar, its is with great pleasure we welcome Crossbow Coffee Roasters.

We began working on a collaboration to feature this Colombian lot at the same time as our advent calendar was being put together, the coffee received such good feedback we had to have it back.

This lot is grown by one of the indigenous communities, Nasa Wesx. Located in Gaitania, Tolima, this coffee is grown on their reservation with the assistance of ASOPEP, from whom we've shared coffee from in January 2020. Our friends at Cofinet have partnered with ASOPEP to bring this coffee to New Zealand and kindly allowed us to share the attached photos from Gaitania.

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Varietal:Castillo, Caturra 


Altitude:1700-1900 m.a.s.l

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