Shade 13

Shade 13

When we pondered the idea of sharing a swag of coffees from one continent, it seemed daunting. The prospect of finding enough diversity would be a tall order anywhere, except Colombia that is. While not the biggest producer of coffee (Ranked 3rd biggest behind Brazil and Vietman), Colombia is (at least in our opinion) the most innovative.

This lot is a far cry from the approx 75 percent of production, washed processed coffee that Colombia built its reputation on. While its a pretty safe bet on Castillo (approx 45% of production) this is far from your average Castillo lot. While we are looking at statistics, you can always bet on Cofinet to be behind some of the most ground breaking lots we see. This is no exception, we will let them introduce it.

Words by Cofinet:

Grown by Felipe Arcila at Jardines del Eden. This coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic
fermentation of 52 hours inside grain pro bags adding CO2. The coffee was then placed on raised beds until 10.5% moisture content was achieved.
Jardines del Eden or Eden Gardens is the first farm to be purchased by Carlos and Felipe Arcila of Cofinet.
The farm has existing Castillo and more recently Cofinet has planted some of the most rare and unique varieties such as Wush Wush, Sidra, Eugenoides and Papayo.
This microlot is 100% Castillo. This variety was developed by Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros. It is more productive than Caturra and resistant to the coffee leaf rust.

Side note. This lot, while the same process, varietal, farm and roaster to that of day 5 of our coffee advent calendar is a brand new lot and we are fortunate enough to have the premier of it thanks to Vanguard Coffee Co. 

Altitude: 1750-2050 M.A.S.L
Botanical Cultivars: Castillo 100 %
Location: Pijao, Quindio
Temperature 19-25°C
Annual Rainfall: 1900-2200 mm

Photo credit: Cofinet

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