December 5

December 5

Toasted Espresso joined us in our infancy, becoming our third feature with our first Colombian. A significant milestone as it was the first shipment to New Zealand by Cofinet, whom we have now formed a great working relationship over the many lot we’ve shared.

That Castillo lot was our first in depth look at the importance of cultivars developed for local conditions. Fast forward to the end of the same year and Toasted offered us our first Kenyan feature. A fresh crop from Muthingini Coffee Factory and yet another insight into a cultivar developed for local conditions, this time a new comer, Batian. 

For this years Advent Calendar, Toasted are sharing one of their new favourites, Papua New Guinea. 

You might remember Ulga Estate from last year, We've come to enjoy it often, so jumped at the chance to sample and share it from another roaster.

(Words by John Bourton Limited) In 2013 Monpi Coffee Exports Ltd took control of the Ulya Mill in the heart of Waghi Valley. The relatively high altitude and cooler climate of this area is ideal for the cultivation of high-quality coffee. The old Ulya Plantation (well over 200 ha and still privately owned) located immediately next to the mill is still going strong and supplies a high quality product to the mill that has seen a major overhaul under Monpi Management in 2014. With an expansion of milling capacity, a brand new wet-milling line, and a state of the art waste water processing plant, the mill is able to offer the best possible processing environment from harvest till final green bean exports.

Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Light Spices.

Varietal: Arusha, Typica

Process: Washed

Moisture: 10-11%

While you wait for the next offering from Toasted Espresso, check out what else they've got here.

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