December 21

December 21

Today, it's time to head back to H-Town once again, this time for a washed lot from Honduras, thanks to producer Hidardo Hernandez.

Bio in Hirnando's own words

I’ma very enthusiastic, hard working person, and i thrive when i can focus on  multiple challenges at a time, always aiming for perfection. 

Although I currently work in various positions, my entire life is built around coffee. It started in my crib, as I was born a fourth generation coffee farmer. But I am also the initiator of Cafesmo, I develop various aspects of our organization, and my fiancée and I own a specialty coffee shop where we serve single origin coffee and Honduran fine cacao in the town of Santa Rosa de Copán.

Until this day though, I feel happiest when I wake up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in V60 and then walk to my finca, which is only two minutes from my home, to check how the newest plants are faring, or to manage the farm.

In the evenings, around sunset, when I sit on our patio with a cup of coffee, I’m often inspired, looking over the valley all the way to Chalatenango in El Salvador, which is only a few miles from my house. I like to think about the details and specs of every micro-lot.

I’ve been preparing micro-lots since 2015 and I love to experiment. With new or barely known varietals, with processes, especially anaerobic fermentation and different types of bags or tanks. Sometimes this leads to very pronounced, even radical flavor patterns, extremely fruity, tropical, effervescent or with hints of sweet grape and red wine. Spectacular, but not suitable for everyone’s pallet.

Therefore, we also prepare natural, honey and washed specialty coffees with exciting and unique descriptors, but more accessible and not exclusively for connoisseurs.

You’re always welcome at Cafesmo, at our finca’s, or in our cafeteria. We like nothing more than sharing a cup of our own coffee with anyone who comes to visit us!

My mother and I, together, own 3,5 hectares of beautiful lots near one another at an altitude of 1230 to 1300 meters.

We work with several varieties, like Parainema, Obata, Bourbon, to be able to offer a wide range of micro-lots and something suitable for each palate.

Apart from pine trees that are naturally predominant in our region, we have also planted additional trees to generate sufficient shadow on all parts of the plantation. There are banana trees, but also American walnut trees, hazel pine, guamo and malcinca. 

Our coffees are FTO certified and we offer micro-lots since 2015.

This farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified.

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