December 22

December 22

Over the years Merito Coffee Roasters have presented us with some exciting and unique coffees, including introducing us to Diofanor Ruiz, who's coffe you may remember from day 9.

This time, they've come to us with Chelchele, Grade 1 from the Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopis, but we'll let them tell you more about that.

Words by Merito Coffee Roasters.

Ethiopia is the historic origin of coffee, and even today the breadth of its flavour  experience is profound. Yirgacheffe charms you, with its high citrus notes and its deep bass foundations; its sensual wisp of flowers and its round body. This classic Ethiopian coffee is a natural processed coffee, dried on raised African beds.

This coffee is quickly becoming a favourite of ours through moccamaster, but whatever the brew method, we know you will enjoy this coffee

ORIGIN: Ethiopian

REGION: Oromia


VARIETAL: Heirloom



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