Matiere (Blend)

  • Matiere (Blend)
Our standing ovation to the pioneers of specialty coffee.
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Our standing ovation to the pioneers of specialty coffee. 

A light roast, big on complexity, with floral tones and bright acidity on the finish.

Perfect black or as a small white coffee, Matiere is a philosopher's coffee, full of wonder and perspective.

Matiere is blended using coffee from Opal Coffee, with over 80% from their Palo Alto Reserve offerings.

So, what is Palo Alto Reserve?

Opal Coffee have formed relationships with producers and cooperatives who have reliable supplies and are quality-focused to be part of their Palo Alto Reserve range. These regional lots have a minimum cup score of 83 points and provide year-to-year supply, enabling relationships from grower to roaster. 

Opal’s Palo Alto programme promotes sustainable farming practices, pays farmers fairly, and helps to fund ongoing social initiatives, including acknowledgement and support of women who tirelessly undertake vital roles such as sorting and drying work in the coffee industry.


Tasting Notes:

Cocoa, Raspberry, Floral

Matiere is an all rounder. Equally at home as an espresso, pourover or in your french press.

Espresso: 18.5g dose, 30g yield in 30 seconds.

Need a grinder? Grab one here

We find Matiere tastes great 10 days after roast, hitting its sweet spot after 2 weeks. 

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  • Awesome
    Recently tried Matiere Blend and it quickly became my daily. really enjoying it through the V60
    Posted: 2023-11-20 by Steve

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